Aviation & Marine Artist
Quality, Affordable Aviation & Marine Art in Watercolours or Pastels

There is something truly amazing about flying and aircraft which is just such a magical feeling. The sense of freedom and wonderful scenery composed of sky and aerial landscape is truly something to be treasured.

Capturing this fantastic experience for you in a painting is my personal goal and at a price which is affordable. I also offer you the opportunity to commission marine art subjects from sailing ships, merchant ships to naval ships.

"To date Jonathan has completed 11 pastel paintings for me with 3 more in watercolors currently in production. They are all magnificient achievments and are real treasures. I am proud to display them all in my office and hope to have several more completed in the not too distant future.

I strongly recommend this fine artist and know, just know, that you will be delighted whatever project Jonathan works on with you. His style and talent are breathtaking and I am fortunate to have located such a fine artist for my commissions." R Salta, NJ, USA